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Vinjes packing tips


  • Use appropriate materials – Boxes make moving easier and safer
  • Make sure the boxes are correctly assembled and the base is thoroughly taped
  • Make sure the boxes are full – it allows for less movement inside and the box will keep its shape. Alternatively, fill the gaps with packaging materials
  • For safe lifting, don’t use large boxes for heavy items, such as books
  • Clearly mark the boxes, preferably on top and on the side
  • Use plenty of paper. By using packaging paper, you don’t have to deal with ink stains
  • Place clothes in layers inside the box, so they don’t wrinkle
  • Suits and dresses: use a suit carrier or a black binbag to protect it. We also offer cardboard wardrobes for your most precious items (with no need to iron the items again)
  • Glass and stoneware must be handled with caution. Place a towel or blanket at the bottom of the box, and pack the heaviest items first. Use plenty of paper between the items, to avoid chipping.
  • Crockery must be wrapped in paper and placed upright. Plates are more fragile if they’re stacked on top of each other.
  • Stemmed glasses are best placed with the stem up