Prior to moving

These are our tips, useful whether you’re doing it yourself or using a company.


  • Set a moving date well in advance, and get a non-committing quote from moving companies
  • Do you need to get rid of some furniture before the viewings? Make sure your content is stored safely
  • Will you be packing all or parts of your own content? Contact a moving company plenty in advance to order packaging materials
  • If you have pets, how will they be transported?
  • Where will the moving van park? Do you need to set aside space for it?
  • Notify the post office that you’re moving (as well as your bank, HMRC, insurance companies etc.)
  • Notify new and old school/nursery
  • Redirect magazines and newspapers
  • Are you leaving the area – you might need to register with a new doctor
  • Have you collected all the keys to the property?
  • Do you have items in storage/dry cleaner/repairs?


We offer different levels of services


We’re a transportation company that offer solutions based on our customers’ needs. We take care of private and company moves, both domestic and international. Some people book us for a complete door to door service, including packing, branding, lifting, transportation, unpacking and cleaning, whilst others only need help with certain items. It’s not uncommon to buy the packaging materials from us, pack your own contents and let us pick up the boxes.

There is no need to wrap up the furniture. We normally use blankets, and sometimes cardboard and bubble wrap when we put the furniture in the vehicle. When we accept a job, we make sure it arrives safely at its new destination!

It’s up to you whether you want us involved in the planning and execution, or only a part of the process.


We can:


  • Plan the move, in consultation with you
  • Arrange insurance
  • Pack and brand individual items, or the complete content
  • Lifting and loading
  • Complete transportation
  • Carry the content into your new house
  • Unpack boxes
  • Assist with cleaning up and getting rid of cardboard and paper
  • Loading shipping containers for overseas transport
  • Move special goods
  • Move offices
  • Move houses
  • Other assignments? Please contact us!




Be careful which cover you choose

A standard contents insurance tends to cover damages related to water, fire, theft and vandalism. Damages that occur during a move, is not usually covered, regardless of whether you’re taking care of the move yourself or using a company. Please check with this with your insurance company before you start the moving process.

If an accident happens during transportation, the vehicle and the crew will be insured through the mandatory vehicle insurance. The Road Traffic Act however, doesn’t cover the content being moved, so it will not be covered by this insurance if there is a traffic accident. Vinjes Transport AS has a comprehensive insurance which includes goods, but only up to the sum of 1200 NOK per m3 of damaged items. It is therefore important that you consider taking out your own insurance.

We collaborate with the insurer “Gjensidige Forsikring”, and we’re therefore able to take care of the entire process for you, including your insurance needs. We will arrange the following:
- Set up an appointment for you
- Pay an advance on your premium, adding it to the invoice you receive at the end of the process
- Mend potential damages: If we’ve caused damage to your contents, we will make sure to repair the damages if possible, and bring it to you when it’s done. You avoid the hassle of dealing with an insurance company, making it quicker and easier for you.