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Choosing a moving company

There are plenty of good, established and trustworthy moving companies on the market. Sadly, there are also some looking for a quick profit, and they can cause you some serious headache. Make sure you do a background check before you choose who to go with.

This is how:

  • Make sure the company is registered at Brønnøysundregisteret (Company House)
  • Check the company’s financial history at proff.no
  • Make sure the company is part of a trade organisation. Most serious operators are members. Check “Norsk Flytteforbund” or “Logistikk- og transportindustriens landsforening”

The company you choose, should tick all the boxes above. It’s important to choose an operator that will keep your belongings safe and communicate well throughout the process. There is a lot of logistics involved in this process, which makes trust and communication critical. A long term operator is your best bet.

This is the advice from the Consumer Agency for those considering the help of a moving company.

  • Contact a number of companies for quotes
  • Only accept offers from those that you’ve approached
  • Ask for a fixed price if the move is simple
  • Do not pay large advance payments
  • Define the nature, size and value of the load when getting a quote
  • Decide whether or not you will be doing you own packing and get a quote for the price of materials from the moving company (normally cheaper than the shops)
  • Ask the agency for their proof of insurance, so you can see how much they’re covered for and what the excess is
  • Find out what your contents insurance covers, and use this as a basis for the value of your items (to avoid doubling up the insurance)
  • Take out an additional insurance for items of a high value or particularly fragile items (25,000 NOK is standard for valuable items)
  • Make a claim for damaged or missing items as soon as you discover them, you only have a 3-week window to do so.