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Sample Prices

The prices below are estimates, and the rates may be seasonal.
We accept both domestic and international assignments.




Sample prices for a pre-packed move within a city, with easy access and a maximum of 2 floors at either property:
Studio Apartment (approx. 35 m2) 5000 NOK

  • 1 Bed Apartment (approx. 50 m2) 6000 NOK
  • 2 Bed Apartment (approx.75 m2) 7000 NOK
  • 3 Bed House (approx.100 m2) 9000 NOK

All prices are subject to VAT. 
If your property is larger than those mentioned above, please request a visit so we can give you a tailored quote. Please note that the sample prices may vary depending on volume, accessibility and season.

We offer a free inspection of your property, to assess the volume that needs moving. The visit is commitment free. Following this, you will receive a written offer for our services.

Request a free inspection