Your local garage in Trondheim

We will fix any cars and vans at an affordable price, charging only 890 NOK for an MoT.

We’re located in the centre of Nardo, so feel free to stop by or give us a call on 72 900 920, or fill in a request form HERE.

In 2021, we serviced more than 4700 cars.

List of services:

  • Replace and repair of parts with a limited lifespan: exhaust, clutch, breaks, suspension, front wheel suspension, starters, dynamos, batteries, gear boxes
  • Electric repairs
  • Diagnostics, engine control and repair, fuel injection
  • Instalment of accessories
  • Intermediate service/oil change
  • Onspot ready assembled
  • Tires and balancing
  • Engine maintenance/ change
  • Instalment of warning/hazard lights
  • Break system – break pads, break hoses, break assist etc.
  • Tires - sale, balancing and changing of tires
  • Diagnostics – troubleshooting and correction of electronics and electrics
  • Diagnostics - troubleshooting and correction of engine control and injection
  • Exhaust system – repairs and replacements
  • Accessories and styling – assembly and adjustments
  • Engine – maintenance and replacements
  • Oil change – changing of oil and filters
  • OnSpot – automatic tire chains ready assembled
  • MoT
  • Full and intermediate service
  • Hazard/warning lights - diagnostics, repairs and installation of hazard and warning lights
  • Suspensions