Vehicle warranty/parts


EU regulations put an end to the brand garage monopoly and we offer you the same warranty for service and repairs as the branded garages.

According to the new regulations, it is no longer mandatory to service new vehicles following a purchase.

When it comes to spare parts, both authorised dealers and branded garages now have the right to purchase "original spare parts" or spare parts of a similar or higher quality from independent importers and wholesalers.

This increases supply and competition for quality. The EU commission considers any limitations to these rights, imposed by a manufacturer, to be a serious breach of the new regulations.

It’s worth noting that the EU commission also emphasises that, despite of a manufacturer offering spare parts of a different quality (i.e. a low cost option), he cannot stop his contractual partners from ordering spare parts from independent distributors, that equals this standard of quality.

The manufacturer or the branded garage can demand an attestation of quality from the producer of the spare parts. We only use original parts or those of an equal quality!

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