MoT inspection

Since January 1st 1998, it’s been mandatory to have your car inspected every other year, if your car is 4 years or older.

Reminders are no longer issued by post, and you are responsible for scheduling the inspection.

In 2016, cars that are registered in a year ending in even numbers (such as 2004, 2006, 2008 etc.) are due for inspection. Those registered in a year ending in odd numbers (such as 1999, 1995, 2003 etc.) must be inspected in a year ending with an odd number (i.e. 2017, 2019).

The last number on your registration plate decide what month your car is due for inspection:

1= January, 2= February, 3= March, etc.

The MoT will only control the safety and the environmental impact of your car at the time of inspection. Neither tests or inspections related to the safety of the engine, power or clutch will be performed.


To find out when you’re due a full service, visit: